Brisbane Tree Vegetation & Wood Recycling Station

When thinking about disposing your green waste responsibility, Arborcycle provides a sustainable alternative to the Brisbane dump. Disposing green waste in the Brisbane tip can have some pretty serious environmental consequences. Keeping green waste in a landfill can cause it to decompose into methane, an especially strong greenhouse gas. Additionally, by taking green waste to a rubbish tip Brisbane residents are needlessly increasing the volume of the tip itself.

Arborcycle provides an effective and affordable solution to these problems, located in Brisbane’s Northgate suburb. As a tree and wood waste recycling station, we are an environmentally-friendly alternative to taking your green waste to the Brisbane rubbish tip. As well as being eco-friendly, we are a less expensive than a trip to any transfer station Brisbane has to offer.

We’re open six days a week throughout the year and accept all of sizes vehicles and green waste to cater to both residents and big businesses. Arborcycle accepts a range of green waste material, including:

  • Tree vegetation
  • Plants and weeds
  • Grass clippings
  • Tree trunks, stumps, and branches
  • Timber or wooden fences
  • Wooden building materials wooden pallets
  • Other wood products (if you are unsure, enquire using the contact details below)

As a leading Brisbane recycling station, Arborcycle is many residents’ first choice for affordable green waste disposal. To find out more about what Arborcycle can do for you, call 0473 525 358 and speak to a helpful staff member today.

Address: 147 Crockford Street, Northgate Qld 4013
Phone: 0473 525 358
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7 – 4.30pm Sat 8.00am – 1pm (closed public holidays)
Fees Apply

Pricing Structure

Tree vegetation waste and small stumps $25.00 Per mtr (plus GST)
Building Timber – wood waste only (ie fences old building timbers sheds etc) $30.00 per mtr (plus GST)
Large tree stumps $30.00 per mtr (plus GST)
Min charge – 1 mtr $25 plus GST

Credit Applications for Company/Business available upon request


Charges are calculated on truck size – eg: a 10mtr tipper even if not completely full will be charged at a rate of 10mtrs ie $250.00 plus GST

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any loads without explanation at this Recycle Station.

We reserve the right to charge associated costs for removal of any contaminated loads.

All persons enter at their own risk, Protective Footwear must be worn at all times , Children must remain in vehicles at all times.